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Hidden Worlds The Ultimate Urban Exploration Series from Crush Media

Julianna Hendricks

Julianna Hendricks is the beautiful and talented co-host of Songwriter and other TV programs including the new talk show Music Central. Julianna is a key part of the Emmy Award winning Crush Media team. Experienced in the music industry she is a former member of the Hip hop reggae band Black River Sound and has been performing since a young age. She is also the voice of the new groundbreaking series Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds

The groundbreaking new 12 part series dedicated to preserving unique history of the worlds recent past by telling the stories of those who once lived, worked, and suffered at the places we visit.

Join the ultimate urban exploration adventure that stops at nothing to bring the viewer an exclusive look at our crumbling past. From abandoned homes, shuttered industrial wastelands, forsaken building, to the mysterious stories of the hidden insane asylums that are shrouded in darkness. Hidden Worlds is telling tales that will make your skin crawl.
Featuring amazing cinematography by Christina Mathews – Written by Rusty Tagliareni.

Music Central

Music Central is the brand new show that features up and coming musicians, filmmakers, industry experts, product reviews, and lots more.

Join Emmy Award winning host Sunny Lake and his Co-Host Julianna Hendricks each week as they welcome guests from all walks of the entertainment business. Join us as we bring you new and exciting guests, and live performances each episode.


Get ready for the next level in music reality television; where industry professionals, online superstars and 10 lucky finalists team up each week to bring you amazing all new music performances.
It’s the show that puts our contestants in the spotlight where they compete against the clock then face our judges to become the next number one “Songwriter”

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