Camille and Kennerly Kitt have shown us that you can think outside the box when building an online empire. Interacting with their fans on a regular basis they have developed a style of communication that is both humble and informative making the fans feel good about being part of something special.

Being successful in the ever changing world of independent music is a full time job. Managing fans interactions, endless content production, and live appearances can take its toll on even a seasoned musician, never mind the beginner. Thankfully there are ways to keep this giant vacuum from sucking you in. Extra stress is the last thing you need. Creating a consistent stream of social media interaction while providing your fans with just the right amount of interaction is the real job at hand. Managed properly long term relationships with supporters all over the world will be there when you really need them. Let’s take a look at a great example of how people have conquered the social media jungle and in the process created a very active community in support of their work.

Known worldwide as “The Harp Twins” these real life identical twins are much more that they seem on the surface. Start with the fact that these two both graduated with highest honors, and a degree from the prestigious Conservatory of Music. Not a bad way to get going in the industry. Currently these identical sisters travel about the country performing for corporate functions, celebrity, and even presidential events. Amazing achievements for any musician, but the online world was a new horizon for two girls playing the harp.

Breaking into the overflowing YouTube scene is no longer an easy task. You have to produce surface breaking content to be seen and heard by the masses. With pop music and cover songs being the food that feeds these short attention spans, especially on sites like YouTube. Would there a place for this classical instrument the harp?  Camille and Kennerly had an answer. The idea was to take the classical harp to a musical place it had never been before. Let’s face it the teens still rule the core of video sites online. The demographics don’t lie! Sure there’s a broader group of unique people who are watching everything from the atypical “Cat Video” to the latest mainstream pop artists, but the trick is to find a way to please everyone. Not an easy task.

The Harp Twins have done just that. Providing a wide array of modern music to their online audience has been the key to success. From classic rock songs to popular video game themes mixed up with a bit of traditional music these two have found a way to please many demographics at once. Knowing your audience is a huge factor to reaching for level of success in the online music business. This is something Camille and Kennerly figured out right from the very beginning. If they were going to generate a significant number of views they were going to have to step outside the box when it came to their classical instrument. Covering a wide variety of songs including pieces that were current chart toppers allowed people to find them in the vast sea of materials that flow into the sites daily. With a combination of self arranged music and beauty these two have garnered a piece of the market with an instrument that many younger viewers have never heard in their lives. Not to mention the fact that they do all their own camera and editing work. This gives them complete control of everything that is output to the world. However that is only the starting point for these two very talented young ladies. Being responsive to the social media community has played a key role in building a viewer base online. Spending time each day to talk to their fans gives the supporters a feeling of being connected and builds membership. It is this balance of quick response with the ability to limit the amount intrusion into private lives that makes it all work. When the fans feel comfortable they are more likely to spread the word and share content with others. Camille & Kennerly make it a daily habit to reply to as many comments as possible. Some days this can take a considerable amount of effort. In the end however this interaction will pay off in spades by creating a solid foundation of long term fans. This is how it is supposed to be done. There are no short cuts or pieces of software that can substitute personal interaction. Anyone coming up in the ranks can learn a thing or two from these talented siblings. The twins are honest, humble, and truly care about their fans. This is a lesson all newcomers need to study. Kindness is the most powerful social media style.

Using social media as a tool to promote your work is a full time job. You have to build your fan base daily. No slacking is allowed.  By responding on a regular basis and being kind, artists like Camille & Kennerly have grabbed the attention of tens of thousands. Those numbers continue to grow daily.

In Summary here are the 3 rules that these two live by:


“Step 1.  Work hard   

Step 2.  Don’t insult other people

Step 3.  Be appreciative of those who appreciate your music.”

Camille & Kennerly Kitt


In the end it all comes down to being nice to the fans, and not leaving them hanging. Keep your responses short and to the point. Be direct and respond often. You will be surprised at how fast your fan base will expand.

Another important topic to face is what to do when something goes wrong. There is a darker side to all of this social media interaction that at times can be a bit scary. It is inevitable that from time to time rouges will invade the circle creating tension amongst the ranks. This can come in several forms such as what are known as “Trolls” who live to create chaos because they can. Making comments in a rude manner or bashing other fans for no reason. There is also the fact the people will send personal notes, marriage proposals, phone numbers, and even inappropriate pictures at times. It is the method that you use to deal with this group that is one of the most important tactics when managing your social media. Some artists choose to become angry and lash out online in a type of automatic self defense. At times the fan base may cause a stir. They can attack outsiders in defense of the artist creating a wave of comment rage. The main thing to remember is that as an artist your response sets the tone for everyone. The best advice we can give is to hold your tongue. Don’t get mad or respond on a whim thinking that you might be able to solve these types of things with words. Most cases you are only digging a deeper hole. Supporters will join in the defense of the “Troll” and the next thing you know you have a retuning idiot (and I don’t use that term lightly) that sours the fans base and creates a reoccurring issue. Remember be kind to everyone. If a fan makes a statement that is a bit off color then counter with words that close the thread.

We thank you for your advice” “Thanks & we’ll look into that”

Take it in stride and remember don’t apologize for something you did not do!  You are in control of your social media. There are things you can do to stop certain unnecessary comments from happening again. A last resort is to block users from commenting and accessing your materials. When this becomes an apparent solution don’t hesitate to do so. Your fans will appreciate the fact that you have removed a bad apple from the barrel.  Camille and Kennerly can teach us all a few lessons in managing social media!

Lead by example and you will always win as these two lovely ladies set the bar for those rising up in the rank. Social Media Lesson learned!

                               Eric Baird-2013-Crush Media

 Images Copyright Camille & Kennerly Kitt


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  1. Steven Angulo says:

    Great article! Extremely detailed. Perhaps one key thing that should be mentioned is that the Harp Twins initially built a significant fan base doing Sign Language covers of popular songs as they added harp duet videos. The Sign Language videos were absolutely wonderful, showing such magnetic charisma and personality. Their very first video on YouTube (in which they signed Hilary Duff’s “Our Lips are sealed”) went viral and had well more than a quarter of a million views before they took it down. People fell in love with the Twins because of these Sign Language videos. To this day people show up on Facebook asking where they are. So the Twins faced a massive challenge when they tried to persuade their Sign Language audience (the majority of their fans) to appreciate their harp music. This process obviously required lots of intelligence and skill, time, kindness and patience, which paid off. Then they began making better and better harp videos which really consolidated them as harpists, and now the vast majority of their fans have no idea that they know Sign Language.

    Certainly the Harp Twins are a great example for other artists, but when it comes to interacting with fans, their wisdom, intelligence, kindness, quickness of mind and work ethic are practically impossible to match. You can see clearly why they were Summa cum Laude students in college, which few musicians can say.

    Anyway, thanks for the thorough and interesting article…